Hey guys!,

The Holidays are over for most of the world, except in Puerto Rico that we still have a month to go.  So; for all that spare time you have during the holidays (in Puerto Rico), the commute, or simply me-time here is my take on what to read. (No special Order)

#1. Little Brother
– By Cory Doctorow (@doctorow)

This is one the best books I’ve ever read, and it left me PARANOID!. Not because of its fantastic techno-hacker-ubergeek exploits, but because it is something that is happening in a  lot of countries all over the world, and may happen in the US if we keep the irrational fear of terrorism, immigration, and the unknown take over. Once you read the first there is nothing that will stop you from rading the sequel #2. Homeland.  Learn more of Cory’s books and other great works on his site:  http://craphound.com

BTW: Cory’s books are DRM free and licensed under Creative Commons, He is AWESOME!

#3. Daemon – By Daniel Suarez (@itsDanielSuarez)

The Deamon its the story about how an networked (Internet) based AI created by a mad developer takes over the world, trust me its a lot better than how it sounds.  Its a great read and technically accurate.  And ofcourse you have to read the sequel #4. Freedom (TM).  Also from him #5. Kill Decision – The story of how drones can be used to attack the US ant its citizens.  Learn more on his site:  http://thedaemon.com

#6. Snow Crash – By Neal Stephenson (@nealstephenson)

A hacker in a virtual world, yes it seems like a burnt out idea, but this guy does it in a way that works so great, you must read it and also from him #7. Cryptonomicon, the name says everything also a must read for anyone that loves hacking.  It’s just epic; find more on this author and other works from him at: http://www.nealstephenson.com/

#8. Zero Day – By Mark Russinovich (@markrussinovich)

This is a techno thriller that resembles a lot of what happened with Stuxnet way before it was known.  It’s really scary how he got it right way before anyone and of course you must read the sequel #9. Troyan Horse. with murder, vengeance, suspense, and of course hacking; another must read.

This guy is a visionary and a great engineer most of us know him for his work with SysInternals Windows utilities a must for any SysAdmin, now part of Microsoft. Get to now him for his imagination and great whits at: http://www.trojanhorsethebook.com/

#10. Ghost int the Wires – By Kevin Mitnik (@kevinmitnik)

The true story behind the Kevin Mitnik early days as told by himself, when he was on the run from the FBI and how he eluded them until they caught up to him.  Learn how hacking was done in the early days, when hackers hacked for fun and before the criminalization of security research and plain old hacker fun.  Of course he has written a lot other books, so go a look for them at: http://mitnicksecurity.com/products.php


I love a lot more, but Top 10 sounded cool , so I went with it.  If you know any one novel left out please post it as a comment.