Learning Python for complete n00bs

Python is a fairly easy language to learn and I am a n00b, but I will try to help fellow n00bs to get into python.  My initial interest in python was automation and tool making (still at it), but as you should know python does a lot of shit (this I will not cover).

The first thing you  ask is, how do I start? well that’s the easy part. I answer: “… do or do not not there is no try.”  Pick a project something simple so you don’t get frustrated, if you get to ambitious you may shoot your self in the foot and get frustrated.

Online courses will give you a structured way of learning and it will be a lot easier for complete n00bs like me.

YouTube is your friend search youtube.com for tutorials on specific techniques and usage of the language, I can suggest these:


Read the books:

        • How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Learning with Python
        • Learning Python
        • Python Cookbook
        • Gray Hat Python: Python Programming for Hackers and Reverse Engineers
        • Violent Python: A Cookbook for Hackers, Forensic Analysts, Penetration Testers and Security Engineers
        • Twisted Network Programming Essentials

And of course there is the python documentation on python.org and other sites dedicated to documenting and helping aspiring coders.

After you go thru these you should have a very good understanding of Python.

Enjoy …



Jose Quinones

Certificacions MCSA, CEH, GCIH, GPEN, RHCSA

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