Development Board Specs

By Jose Quinones (@josequinones)

Hello all,

Recently I posted a link on social media about the release of the ODroid U3 Community Edition by Hardware Kernel and a colleague  (@soynerdito)  brought a point about power consumption and a very important point in deed, so that got me thinking, what are the specs for some of these dev boards?

Personally I have a couple of Pi’s,  a Cubieboard rev1, an Arduino Uno and an Odroid U3 on the way.  But I did not have a clear understanding of the differences and similarities of these boards I am just a hardware/gadget junkie. So I decided to do a comparative table to have clearer picture of what each board could do.

I did a side-by-side and a printer friendly version of the table.

Here’s a preview:


Here are the PDF’s:

I would like to acknowledge that there are a lot of dev boards out there but these seem to have the most community support.  I personally would like to play with boards like the new Raspberry Pi Compute Module, the intel Galileo Arduino board and the new Intel Minnow. (google them up)

Finally I find the hardware/maker scene awesome I would love to have more time to “play” with my “toys”, but I would like to encourage everyone to start playing around, these dev boards are cheap, accessible and easy to work on.  We need more creative and analytical minds, and if you have kids PLEASE support them and geek out!

I really hope you find this usefull.


Jose Quinones

Certificacions MCSA, CEH, GCIH, GPEN, RHCSA

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