Security BSides Puerto Rico – Success!

Hello Everyone,

Just to let you guys know that BSidesPR was a total success. Everyone (that I know of) was really happy.  I was happy, after a really stressful week

We had:

85 participants – raised ~$7,000.00
8 Cash Sponsors – raised ~$9,500.00
7 In-Kind Sponsors – (Courses, Promo, Swag, Hardware, Software, etc)
8 Volunteers (AV, logistics, transportation, HARD WORK)
3 Organizers – ~$5,000

Total Cost: ~$25,000

We took an economic hit, but WE DON’T CARE!, It was such an awesome experience that the organizers will cover it with pleasure.

What we learn:

Less is more … don’t try to do to much. It will bite you in the ass.

To learn more about BSidesPR go to:

http://bsidespr.prg (soon we will be posting the videos and photos)

Search the twitter space for #BSidesPR for reactions
Now we have set the bar for the Infosec community in Puerto Rico and that is a good thing. We have proof that you can have a Security CON  with NO vendor talks and succeed.
Its been a wild ride, a lot sleepless nights, stress, and depression, but SO AWESOME!. maybe we are masochist so, see you next year!


Jose Quinones


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