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José L. Quiñones has 20 years of experience in the IT field and holds a Bachelors in Science in Electronic Engineering Technology from the University of Puerto Rico with special interests in communications, and digital processors. Additionally holds various professional certifications in systems administration area such as: MCP, MCSA, and RHCSA, but also in the IT security field such as: CEH, CEI, C)PEH, C)M2I, GCIH and GPEN. Jose’s background in electronics has made him proficient in hardware hacking with platforms like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ARM architecture and Multirotor UAVs.

For the last 8 years Jose has worked in the Health and Education industries as IT Director for a Medical School, but also works as an independent consultant in IT infrastructure, cloud and security architecture. Jose has design courses and workshops in Networking, Windows, Linux, Virtualization, Ethical Hacking and Incident Handling; and teaches certification programs for professional educational companies.

He is President/Founder of Obsidis Cosortia, Inc a not for profit organization which mission is to promote professional development of information security for IT professionals, students and enthusiasts, and security awareness to the general public. Finally Jose, runs a local security user group “init6”, is the head organizer of “Security B Sides Puerto Rico”, designs Network Security Scenarios and Simulations (Capture the flag events), and runs a personal blog about systems administration and security CODEFidelio.org.

Contact Info:
e-Mail:  josequinones [at] codefidelio.org
Twitter: @josequinones

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  1. Saludos,
    Recientemente tuve la oportunidad de conocer a José Quiñones y me comentó de GIpSISd y sus actividades. Como profesional de las computadoras siempre me gusta poder expandir mis conocimientos y compartir los que poseo. Esto que ustedes están haciendo luce muy interesante. Me gustaría poder asistir a la próxima actividad. Favor de incluir mi correo electrónico en su base de datos.

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